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When it comes to marketing your Insurance agency in Melbourne, FL and Brevard County, there are several factors to consider; who is your target audience, what are your geographic territories, what insurance lines do you focus on, who are your direct and indirect competitors, and how are they marketing.

What most marketing agencies neglect to address is that for any marketing campaign to be effective, they must first review and refine your Insurance agency's brand identity and messaging, as well as provide a visibility audit to take inventory of where and how you are currently marketing and what types of messaging are being delivered to the consumer.  And let's not forget the most important piece, how consumers are responding to the current messaging.

With email and social media information overload, a sea of confusion that speaks an archaic language has been drowning consumers, and as humans, we desire simplicity. This is what marketers need to tap into and learn to speak human again, because this is what the insurance market is craving, this is what your consumers are craving, and ultimately, Human To Human Marketing is what needs to be delivered, and we are here to do just that for your Insurance Agency.

Plus we are locals. We live, work, and play in Melbourne, FL, so we know the Brevard County market and we understand the people.

Our Research-First Approach To Branding & Marketing

There Is No One-Size Fits All For Melbourne, FL Insurance Agencies

Yeah, all Insurance agencies may sell insurance, but that does not mean that all Insurance agencies are the same. You have your specialty service lines, and your producers need a certain type of lead to keep growing their book of business. To stand out in a crowded marketplace takes a blend of creativity, strategy, and execution. At Go To Market Solutions, we take a unique approach to marketing your Insurance agency in Melbourne, FL and Brevard County by first doing a deep dive analysis into understanding your business, your preferred insurance lines, your employees, your current customers, your target markets, your current marketing, your goals, and most importantly - your competition.

Our research-first approach allows us to uncover areas of opportunity that other marketing agencies would miss. We then implement the following processes which are data-driven based on our research findings, all while respecting your timelines and budgets.

  • Branding

    Business identity and brand perception are key elements to positioning your Insurance agency as the leader in the eyes of consumers…

  • Market Research

    To truly understand your market we utilize competitive research, market trends, & demographic research to create unique customer profiles…

  • Lead Funnels

    Lead generation starts with a marketing funnel, designed to build a marketing pipeline of qualified sales leads that travel the sales pipeline & convert through your sales process…

  • Marketing Campaigns

    To effectively target and reach your consumers, we implement a variety of marketing campaigns using email, social media, video, landing pages, and more…


    To improve Google rankings we focus on Google My Business optimization & local SEO, organic search engine results page optimization, Google ads optimization, PPC & paid search…

  • Lead Nurturing

    To keep leads moving through the funnel, we implement hybrid chat automation, automated customer service chatbots, and sales nurturing to help convert those tricky leads into customers…

Brand Strategy For Melbourne, FL Insurance Agencies

Who You Are To Your Consumers In Brevard County

In the eyes of the consumer, your brand is what distinguishes your agency, your products, and your services from your competition. So judging a book by it's cover is exactly what consumers are doing. Today’s consumer does their research, they compare your Insurance agency to your competition in Melbourne, FL and Brevard County in as many ways possible. They check out your website, talk to their friends, and read reviews.

So to say that your brand is just a name, slogan, or symbol is far from true. Your brand is not who you are to you, it is who you are to your current and future consumers, and building a brand strategy that respects and adapts to the behaviors of your consumers is vital to success in Melbourne, FL, and Brevard County's Insurance marketplace.

...This Is How We Do Brand Strategy...

Defining Your Brands Identity

  • Start by identifying your target audience(s)
  • Understand their implicit and explicit needs
  • Determine how your products or services satisfy those needs
  • Create a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience(s)

Defining Your Customers' Journey

  • Start by identifying all analog and digital consumer touch-points
  • Compartmentalize each touch-point into a customer journey map
  • Identify stop-gaps between touch-points & overview action steps
  • Take inventory of your marketing tactics to identify what is missing & where


To learn more about these strategies, download our E-book

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Marketing Strategy For Melbourne, FL Insurance Agencies

How To Reach Your Audience In Brevard County

With so many marketing channels available to insurance agencies, it is important to understand when in the customer journey it is effective to market, with what type of channel, and with which type of message.

If your marketing message does not influence a behavior, then what is the point? The most effective way to ensure that your message is understood and influences some type of behavior is to personalize it and deliver it at the right time. You want to recognize your targets in Melbourne, FL and Brevard County as individuals, and deliver a message that speaks "human-to-human", just when they need to hear it.

...This Is How We Do Marketing Strategy...

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

  • Build a Customer Lifecycle model addressing the 4 stages; outreach, action, conversion, re-engage
  • Overlay your Customer Lifecycle model onto your Customer Journey Map
  • Identify which types of marketing strategies make sense where & when
  • Create a managed communication strategy that integrates the complete range of marketing channels

Consumer Engagement Campaigns

  • Build marketing collateral that speaks the language of your consumers
  • Develop workflows to deliver marketing collateral to your consumers
  • Create necessary deliverables to execute the campaigns
  • Track user engagement and alter campaigns to achieve maximum results

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