Go To Market Solutions Speaks At The Florida Prep Career Day

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Go To Market Solutions + Florida Prep Career Day

Go To Market Solutions had the pleasure of speaking to the future generations at the Florida Prep Career day. Big thanks to Frannie Foltz,
Guidance Director at Florida Prep for putting on a great event.

It was so amazing to see the cultural diversity that these young minds get to experience and to have the opportunity to expose them to the amazing field of digital media.

I can’t wait to see where they go from here!



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Speaking To The Next Generation of Designers at Flagler Palm Coast High School

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I had the pleasure of speaking to the students of the Digital Design and Advanced Placement 2D Design at Flagler Palm Coast High School.

It was such an amazing experience to see their work and learn about their various creative styles. It was truly an inspirational lecture.

Here were the topics we discussed, I cannot wait to see some of these talented artists turning their passion into their career.

1. Artist vs Designer
2. Form vs Function
3. What a Logo/Brand Should Evoke
4. Customer Journey and How it Relates to Brand Strategy
• Awareness
• Consideration
• Purchase
• Retention Advocacy
5. Consumerism – What this means to a Designer
6. Positions on a Design/Production Team
7. Prepare Yourself for the Industry
• Persona
• Specialty
• Contacts
• Long-Term Goal


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