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“Good brand strategies guide mission-critical decisions in capital investment, human resources, research, product development, & operations management”

- Brand Real -

Our process is what defines us

Go To Market Solutions is a client-advocate branding, marketing, and business development firm servicing small to medium-sized businesses in Brevard County and the Space Coast. We specialize in local and regional marketing, where we optimize brands & improve awareness, develop marketing strategies & implement campaigns, enhance business development & improve sales, and above all, we deliver results.

At Go To Market Solutions, rather than focus solely on lead generation, our primary focus is on your customers' journey. We intimately analyze your business's identity, marketing, business development, sales processes, and goals to identify specific areas of opportunity. Our unique approach is built on strengthening the Three Pillars Of Success; branding, marketing, and business development. Each pillar standing alone, but when built correctly and combined, form the foundation for a successful business.

We want you to succeed, and our ultimate goal is to use our findings to develop strategies and solutions that will empower you with the tools and resources you need to continue to grow your business year after year.


Research the who, what, where, when, why, and how to ensure that areas of opportunity and goals are clearly identified…


Strategize marketing tactics, define goal metrics, evaluate technical requirements, and communicate ideation to ensure clarity…


Develop necessary deliverables, implement solutions, test workflows, and establish tracking to measure success...


Deliver results, respect project schedules and project budgets, while continuing to support the client with future initiatives…

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So what exactly is a customer journey?

A customer journey is a deep understanding of your customers' behaviors, thoughts, and feelings across all digital and analog touch-points. Each of these should be actionable and evolve into unique customer life-cycle marketing maps. By analyzing the data uncovered, stakeholders can make value-driven decisions in branding, marketing, and business development investments.

  • Point of view

    Rather than thinking of the stages and steps of the customer journey from a systems or business process perspective, the journey should be based on what the customer does and how they interact with the business.

  • Perceptions

    Clearly identify positive and negative customer emotions throughout the customer journey and put them in context of customer behaviors, goals, and expectations. Businesses should then use this data to identify areas of opportunity and assess the impact of current and future investments in branding, marketing, and business development.

  • Touchpoints

    Don't live in a silo. Customers think of all of their interactions with a business as connected, so rather than focus on a single touchpoint, the focus should be on current and future journeys across multiple touchpoints. This way a business can identify potential gaps in their customers' experiences between touchpoints, assess any impact of these gaps, and finally provide the strategy to optimize the customer experience across all touchpoints and help drive business conversions.

  • Key Performance Indicators

    Customer journey assessments incorporate both qualitative and quantitative data to identify critical areas of opportunity. Key performance indicators then provide the framework for the strategy to help drive the customer through the journey funnel. Stakeholders can then make value-driven decisions to invest in branding, marketing, and business development initiatives.

What Go To Market Solutions can do for your business

We help businesses grow

Although we are more than capable of servicing large organizations, our passion is to help small to medium-sized businesses with local and regional marketing. Our strategies and solutions are tailor-made to our clients' market needs and industry profiles. We focus on areas of opportunity that are of immediate importance to our clients, then strategically prioritize remaining opportunities to fit the client’s timelines, budgets, and goals.

Market Research

Business analysis, stakeholder interviews, marketing analysis, customer demographic analysis, target market refinement, customer journey analysis, & competitor analysis…

Branding & Identity

Brand story, logo & color palette, voice & tone, company descriptions, mission statements, taglines, value propositions, video, social, blogs, branded merchandise, & business cards...

Lead Funnels & Sales Funnels

Custom strategy & development of lead funnels & sales funnels with tie-ins to websites & landing pages, email automation, CRM's, & targeted marketing campaigns...

Marketing & Campaigns

Marketing strategy, marketing campaigns, awareness campaigns, email campaigns, social media campaigns, influencer campaigns, video campaigns, & more...

Websites & SEO/SEM

Website audits, heat mapping, website redesigns, full website builds, workflow audits, lead forms, landing pages, organic SEO, paid search (SEM), paid social, & retargeting...

Sales Enablement

Sales play-books, positioning statements, elevator pitch, sales talk tracks, sales coaching, sales collateral, & custom slide/pitch deck creation...

Our exclusive network of trusted specialty partners

When we need help we ask a partner

We know that sometimes we can't do it all on our own. So when we need help, we bring in one of our specialty partners. But, we don't partner with just any agency. We handpick only the best and brightest, the ones built on integrity, ingenuity, and creativity.

As your client-advocate, Go To Market Solutions ensures that when it's needed, you have the right partner helping on your project, and we negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you are only paying for what you need, and nothing more.


&Barr is a full-service digital and traditional advertising agency in Orlando, FL, offering branding, creative, digital, media buying, and public relations.


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Black Tie

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Spark is a marketing agency located in Tampa, FL, that moves people to connect with brands and their stories. Their team of experts focus on brand design, video production, media distribution, social media management, creative campaigns, and custom development projects.

A few words about the Chief Strategist

Adam Martingano
Chief Strategist

Hi, I'm Adam, a multi-disciplined sales, and marketing professional - I bring ideas to life.

Who I Am

I am a multi-disciplined sales and marketing professional with 15 years of industry experience. I hold multiple degrees in Economics, Marketing, and Technology; and have held positions as Vice President of Sales and Products, Director of Sales and Growth, and Director of Marketing and Business Development.

What I Do

I consult and strategize around all areas of consumer interaction, marketing, and business development. My industry experience spans Enterprise Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Entertainment, Software/App Development, Business Consultation, and Human Resources.

Why I Do It

I have worked for, and alongside some of the most influential corporations and celebrities of our generation. From Corporate America, to Hollywood, and everything in between, I help bring ideas to life and I want to help your business be as successful as possible.

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Education is our way of giving back

At Go To Market Solutions, we understand that education is the key to success. As our way of giving back, we offer free educational workshops at our office in Historic Downtown Melbourne. Our workshops are packed full of high-quality content and fill up fast, so reserve your spot early!

Dec. 6th

In this MASTER WORKSHOP, you will learn several ground-breaking strategies that will have your prospects literally ASKING YOU for your product or service.

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What people are saying about Go To Market Solutions

  • Adam has been a voice of reason, encouragement, influence, and inspiration from the very beginning.

    Channing Tatum - Free Association

  • Adam is a master of his trade and brings an unprecedented work ethic to the table every day.

    Bobby Jones - Purple Rock Scissors

  • Adam thinks outside the box, delivers creative strategy, and never stops until the job is done.

    Marion Hawkins - Paychex Business Solutions

  • Adam is a multi-talented sales and marketing strategist, and brings dynamic thinking to keep us ahead of our competitors.

    Ulrik Merrild - MatchWare

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